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My new very short story, “Upshot”

Upshot book cover final

“Upshot” — A blind woman, a semiautomatic pistol and an incendiary device.

A very short story – just right for reading waiting for customer service to answer!

Available FREE at most ebook outlets, and available in DRM-free files for all devices. (I will add more stores as the story becomes available through them.)

Smashwords (You can get this story FREE in all ebook file formats. Download the story and then side-load it in to any device you want to read it on.)

Apple / iBooks (iPhone, iPod, iPad) (Also available for FREE via all of Apple’s other nation-specific online stores)

Kindle (In order to get this story for FREE for your Kindle follow this link, download the .mobi file and then side-load it in to your Kindle.)

Nook / Barnes and Noble

Kobo (Also available for FREE from all of Kobo’s nation-specific online stores.)

Indigo (Canada)


Deran Ludd reading “Upshot”


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Deran Ludd reading “Upshot”

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He Has A Face Like A Steel Trap

Steel Trap cvr 1.6

I have an old short story, a very short short story, newly released as an e-short story, He Has A Face Like A Steel Trap. It is now available for free, in all file formats – .epub, .mobi, .rtf, .pdf etc) via Smashwords. As well as from individual online books stores.

You can watch the promotional video trailer I made for He Has A Face Like A Steel Trap here.


(For files from Smashwords you’ll have to “side-load” them into your ereader or mobile device/phone ereading app. You can install any number of free stand-alone ereading software on your computer and just read it there , as well.)

Barnes and Noble

(I have no idea why B&N did not add the book cover?)

Kobo (This story has not been added to the Kobo store yet, but you can download an .epub version from Smashwords and side-load it into you Kobo reader)


Kindle – I’m giving my short stories away for FREE, but Amazon wants to charge $.99 (If you want to spend money on me at Amazon, buy a copy of my novel No Aloha for your Kindle). You can have He Has A Face Like A Steel Trap  for your Kindle for FREE, just follow the link and download the free .mobi file at Smashwords and then sideload it in to your Kindle.

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He Has A Face Like A Steel Trap

The video trailer for my newly published story, He Has A Face Like A Steel Trap.

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Hotel Strand

Readers of Sick Burn Cut may remember that Mary and Husayn lived in the Hotel Strand. Here is a screen grab from a guerrilla documentary abt the short-lived rocknroll space that was in the ground floor store front of the Strand back in the Spring of 1983. That’s Mary and Husayn’s window you see to the left of the sign.

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Excerpt From My First Novel, “Flawed” (late-70s), As It Appeared In The Zine, Group 28, August 1981.

I often take excerpts from novels I’ve written and rework them into short stories. A friend (Thank you, Perry!) kept a copy of the single issue of , Group 28 (August 1981), and inside I found, in glorious Smith-Corona typeface, one of a few remaining elements from my late-70’s first novel, “Flawed”. It needs an editor, but it has its moments, I will say. It’s also interesting to me, to see myself teaching myself how to write. I never studied “creative writing”, I learned from reading, writing and working with some great editors, copy editors and proofreaders.

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