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The Other Origin of My Novel No Aloha

I previously mentioned that the Siege of Sarajevo, from April 5, 1992 to February 29, 1996, was a backdrop for a story I wanted to tell, and I found the characters that I wanted to talk abt in this article that appeared in the New York Daily News on July 28, 1991, the day after my birthday. And then the Siege of Sarajevo began the next year, and it went on and on and on, and I realized I wanted to tell a story abt the kids in the newspaper as refugee kids in a US city torn down and worn down by internecine civil war.

Inspiration-No Alohapic2

No Aloha inspiration 1

No ALoha inspiration 2


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Deran Ludd Reading From His Novel “No Aloha”

The reading is from 1999 and the video is from 2012. Videographic help from KF.

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No Aloha Trailer Reaches 1,000 Views!

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No Aloha Now Available At Bookshare

I am very proud to announce that my novel No Aloha is now available via Bookshare.org, a nonprofit that provides digital editions of books of all kinds to the blind and other people with reading disabilities for free.

No Aloha available at Bookshare

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The Siege Of Sarajevo, 20 Years Ago

In many ways it was the siege of Sarajevo that moved me to want to write a story based in the United States that dealt with religious/cutural extremism and sectarian war. And so I wrote No Aloha.

Bosnia Marks 20th Anniversary Of The Siege Of Sarajevo

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Rebecca Brown’s Review of No Aloha

In September 1999 Rebecca Brown, author of The Terrible Girls, Annie Oakley’s Girl and The Gifts Of The Body, among other titles, did me the tremendous honor of reviewing my novel No Aloha.

Rebecca Brown review of No Aloha in The Stranger.

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No Aloha Is A Part Of A Bibliography Of Books That Make Reference To Bulgaria

At a couple points in No Aloha the kids debate whether Bulgaria is the best chance for refuge from the collapse of the United States. And in 2000 or so No Aloha was include in a Bulgaria-related bibliography, originally put together by the Colorado Association of Libraries. And of course the novel takes place in a “near future” (as seen from 1999) Denver, Colorado, so the Bulgaria bibliography being assembled by the CAL is doubly cool.

The original CAL document (clicking will download a Word file of the original CAL document)

The fiction section, which includes No Aloha, here used by Balkans Connection

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