He Has A Face Like A Steel Trap

Steel Trap cvr 1.6

I have an old short story, a very short short story, newly released as an e-short story, He Has A Face Like A Steel Trap. It is now available for free, in all file formats – .epub, .mobi, .rtf, .pdf etc) via Smashwords. As well as from individual online books stores.

You can watch the promotional video trailer I made for He Has A Face Like A Steel Trap here.


(For files from Smashwords you’ll have to “side-load” them into your ereader or mobile device/phone ereading app. You can install any number of free stand-alone ereading software on your computer and just read it there , as well.)

Barnes and Noble

(I have no idea why B&N did not add the book cover?)

Kobo (This story has not been added to the Kobo store yet, but you can download an .epub version from Smashwords and side-load it into you Kobo reader)


Kindle – I’m giving my short stories away for FREE, but Amazon wants to charge $.99 (If you want to spend money on me at Amazon, buy a copy of my novel No Aloha for your Kindle). You can have He Has A Face Like A Steel Trap  for your Kindle for FREE, just follow the link and download the free .mobi file at Smashwords and then sideload it in to your Kindle.


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