An Excerpt From Sick Burn Cut In A German Anthology, AmLit

I had for gotten about this. Right before my first novel, Sick Burn Cut (At Last, The Appearance Of Our Lady Of The Ugly Ones, In Spokane), was published, an excerpt was publishedd in a German-language anthology of short-stories by contemporary United States authors. Including the likes of William Burroughs, Eileen Myles, David Wojnarowicz, Cookie Muller, Richard Hell, Sarah Schulman and many others. With cover art by Jad Fair. Only time my work has appeared with such luminaries!

And much to my pleasure I found that AmLit is still in print.

AmLit for sale at Druckhaus Galrev Verlag

I present here the scanned the text of my work in the anthology. It is in German, so I’ll be especially interested in what any German readers have to say.

I do like the German reworking of the title: “Fertig – Kaputt – Am Ende”


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