My Favorite Review Of The Paperback Edition Of No Aloha

Frigate: The Transverse Review of Books, Issue # 1, (reprinted from Race Traitor, # 11)

Frigatezine, issue # 1

No Future

review by Beth Henson

No Aloha: The Friendly Happy Music of the Past
by Deran Ludd
Semiotext(e)/Smart Art Press, Native Agents Series, 1999

“In the ruined city of Denver, four teenagers armed with daggers scrounge and steal, squatting in abandoned buildings. They scramble through broken windows to board the few surviving metrotrains (the conductors of which shoot at the mass of would-be passengers). The teenagers rob anyone with anything left to take, ripping the clothes from other children, stomping on the weak and infirm. They share cigarette butts and roaches and quarrel over food. They argue about which smells worse, burnt plastic or dead flesh.”

Frigatezine, issue # 1


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